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Marie-José d'Aprile

Marie-José d'Aprile (Italy) is a Senior Associate. Founding Director of Mind the Gap Consulting, Marie-José has extensive experience in legal advising to a wide range of institutions. She has led negotiations with high level government and civil society stakeholders and run projects in environment-building, situation analysis and operations management in fragile states and conflict areas of Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Middle East. A registered attorney-at-law in Switzerland, Marie-José worked for the ICRC for 10 years, holding a wide range of senior-level positions both in policy making and operations management, at the headquarters and in the field. She brings to The Policy Lab a unique blend of expertise in international public and private law as well as in the analysis of the socio-political and legal frameworks. She has special expertise in the analysis and response to risk factors potentially affecting field operations — both for field humanitarian work and private-sector ventures.