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Origins of The Policy Lab

The Policy Lab was established in 2011 to help organizations achieve better impact "by design."


The Policy Lab (sm)

321 Columbus Avenue
Seventh Floor of the Electric
Carriage House
Boston, MA 02116
United States of America
Telephone: +1 617 440 4409

About The Policy Lab

The Policy Lab is an international research and design institute dedicated to improving the way organizations engage context and communities to achieve positive impact and reduce risk.

The Policy Lab is committed to creating conditions and designing solutions for cooperative and effective action at project, program and policy levels. We believe that success flows from strategies that account for those they affect - from communities and customers, to employees and partners.

Founded in 2011, we deliver strategies, processes and tools that balance top-down decision making with bottom-up insight to inform new initiatives or adjust those that aren't working as they should.

We are guided by three clear calls to action:

  • Many organisations work with complex issues in diverse environments. The smarter ones understand their impact from the ground up before they act.
  • Stakeholder communities are making their voices heard in new and impactful ways. They respond better to those willing to collaborate with them in shaping outcomes.
  • Decision makers are increasingly overwhelmed with information. They need more efficient ways to define and apply "need-to-know" knowledge to make sustainable progress.

    We help clients engage meaningfully with this agenda, giving them a head start in building trust, improving uptake and reducing risk in equal measure.